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Welcome to our tiny space of the internet. We hope you find this page to be helpful. Here at Hello Healing we are passionate about health and wellbeing, after suffering for 12+ years with severe Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease we believe recovery is possible.
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Rebecca x

Fully qualified Nutritional Therapist
BANT and CNHC accredited.


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06 Jun, 2019

Just a mummy with Lyme

Rebecca Ellison
03 Nov, 2017

The Day We Got Married

Rebecca Ellison


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Rebecca has a unique and highly valuable perspective of understanding true healing. She looks at the big picture, and helps zoom in and support the different pieces.

Charlotte Louise

Rebecca is awesome! I’ve had multiple health issues for years and she is incredibly supportive and determined to help her clients achieve their best health. She’s very knowledgeable and really takes the time to treat each persons as an individual. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.


Having a chronic illness, there is unfortunately no quick-fix to recovery so for me, it has been essential to have someone as positive, motivational and knowledgeable as Rebecca helping me on my journey.

Following various functional tests, Rebecca has shaped my diet and continually advises me on supplementation. In addition, and what I hadn’t expected, was the wealth of lifestyle advice and guidance (inc great book recommendations!) which has been so valuable. It’s really like having a coach thrown in!


Rebecca has been amazing so far helping me on my journey, she’s always there if you need anything and gives great advice. She was spot on with everything, knowing exactly what to get tested for and then exactly what to take to help. I changed my whole lifestyle but somehow with her help is was totally manageable. She doesn’t just tell you what you shouldn’t eat but gives you plenty of guidance on what you can eat and also some yummy recipes and meal ideas to try. The list could go on of all the things she’s given me but most of all she’s given me more hope. Thank you Rebecca!


I haven’t long been a client with Rebecca but I’m already so glad I made the decision to. From the first initial consultation I felt like I was being listened to for the first time and I had a strong sense of hope that I was finally heading in the right direction with my health journey. Rebecca is very efficient with what she does and you can clearly tell how passionate she is about her work. She tailors plans and testing to your individual needs and budget. I look forward to continuing my journey with her!


I started working with Rebecca just a couple of months ago and I’m thrilled and relieved at the improvements I’m already seeing in my health. I’ve struggled with chronic fatigue and an undefined illness for the last 4 years. After several visits to my GP and several blood tests, which all came back ‘clear’, I found Rebecca and now finally have answers to what my illnesses are, and most importantly, have a plan to start resolving said issues.


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