One-One Consultation

This is an oppertunity to dive into your health needs. Wether you want to improve an existing health condition or if your mission is for optimal health, join me on this journey.

We offer initial consultations for a cost of £110

This will be one hour session (in person or via Skype)

Prior to meeting you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire and a food diary to complete

You will be given a written protocol tailored to your needs and goals

We then suggest appointment on a rolling monthly basis at £58 per session

This is for you if: You want help and you are ready to make changes to your health for a better life, if you are committed to this journey with Rebecca’s support, you are wanting to see results, you are motivated to embark on this new journey

This isn’t for you if: You think nutrition is a quick fix, you think it will be easy, if you a person who quits half way through (don’t waste your money – harsh but true)IMG_6287


What Do People Say?

“Rebecca is friendly and approachable I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! She is very knowledgeable and gives you newfound hope and inspiration on the road to health and recovery” – Katie

“Highly recommend Rebecca at ‘Hello Healing’. She is highly knowledgeable, understanding and very friendly and approachable. Nutrition plans are very specific to the individual. Rebecca has helped me understand and focus on what my body needs for optimum health and well being. Only the beginning of my journey but couldnt of done it without her. Thank you Rebecca” – Angela

“Thank you so much Rebecca! You are so inspiring! Rebecca at hello healing is so approachable compassionate, and knowledgeable. You are definitely in the right job! You have done so well! You have helped me so much with fatigue, bloatedness, hormone imbalance. Amazingly knowledgeable! So many fantastically delicious recipes and tips!!” – Lynsey

“Rebecca is a fantastic naturopathic nutritionist! She will always go the extra mile to help you regain wellness. She’s very professional and knowledgeable about complex health conditions such as Lyme disease and her very inspiring story gives much hope to others. I cannot thank Rebecca enough for her great advise and guidance! ❤️ I’d highly recommend Hello Healing to others suffering from chronic illnesses!” – Sophia

“Really impressed with the support and knowledge at hand. Although the first couple of weeks can seem daunting Rebecca is always at hand to guide you through the challenges and I can personally vouch that the results are worth it. The follow ups have been great for me as Rebecca has always shown me the progress I have made, which gives that boost of motivation when I need it the most. Would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants to take that first step to improving their health and lifestyle.” – Nizam

“Rebecca is really professional, understanding and welcoming. She’s extremely knowledgable and covers all bases in both the appointments and wellness plans, offering excellent value for money. I have dealt with Rebecca both over the phone and visited her office premises which are lovely and brilliantly located near Buckshaw Village. Personally, since starting seeing Rebecca I feel happier and more hopeful for the future as I now understand that with changes to my diet, lifestyle and use of supplements my health does not always have to be poor and I can work alongside her to become well again. Rebecca is approachable, explains everything so that you understand what is going on with your body and provides support between appointments through both email and social media between. I could not recommend Hello Healing enough!!! Thanks for all your support” – Laura