Over at Hello Healing we love to support charities in whatever way we can financially and pro-actively.



Amigos – Creating Lasting Change Together – Amigos

This charity is very close to my heart as I visited them over in Uganda during summer 2015 and saw the amazing work they do. They fund a place called Kira Farm which is for disadvantaged students aged 18-25. They teach them useful skills such as carpentry, ICT, building, farming Gods way, hairdressing, business studies, sewing, so they can go back into their communities after 12 months and start their own businesses in order to earn money, look after themselves and their families to pull themselves out of poverty.

Whilst there I was privileged enough to get to know a lot of the students and taught a session on Nutrition, what are good foods to eat and why we need healthy food for our bodies. They loved it.

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Zuri Project – Engage. Empower. Enrich. – Zuri Project

The Zuri Project was founded by two local guys.

They get stuck into the communities in Uganda, Africa with the schools to fund agriculture and nutrition, sports, building, education and water provisions.

Their vision is to:

Engage with the communities

Empower the people

Enrich all their lives